The Black Templar by kingmong

They are the sons of Damocles, the black centurions and the executioners within the Bacon Inquisition, they are justice incarnated, ready to kill Greasy Knights or any other baconist that dares to betray the Holy Bacon by finding refuge in the arms of the AntiCrisp.

The Damoclesian is the black sheep of the Bacon Inquisition for they renounce their honor and remorse to preserve the purity of the order, including the baconist local populations.

Genesis Edit

Despite the rigorous regulations to ensure the loyalty of the baconists by accomplishing the Fidelitatem Atestatione, some did not fully served the Holy Bacon for their hidden purpose of joining the Bacon Inquisition was to obtain immortality, others decide to abandon their duty in favour of love and politics based on their origins. And there were for few which immortality changed their allegiance, which is why a special division within the Bacon Inquisition was created, they were usually former Inquisitors that received the rank of Pacificator and their sole purpose was to pacify local populations of heresy or arrest Greasy Knights suspected of treason.

Ideology Edit

The Divine Aegis armor is not painted as a sign of purity and devotion towards the each Greasy Knight from the Bacon Inquisition, which is why killing a Greasy Knight while wearing the Divine Aegis is one of the most despicable murders because killing someone with the essence of the Holy Bacon flowing in his blood is a desecration against the Holy Bacon itself.

A Greasy Knight suspected of heresy is brought to a Bacon Tribunal where it is decided about his innocence, but if he is found guilty then the Greasy Knight is sentenced to death, his executioner afterwards paints his Divine Aegis armor into black to represent death which is known to be remorseless and objective.


Those who bear the rank of Pacificator can be commanded by no one from the Bacon Inquisition with the exception of the High Priest of Pig Skin and are known responsible for mass murders to suppress a riot or to conduct hunts of baconless people are those who are thought to conspire with the AntiCrisp. They are known for their mastery in torture and persuading the suspects to confess their vial sins.