History Edit

Veganarchism began as an international organization during Illuminism period, these members slowly gained influence by killing their competition and eventually in the modern days they have successfully taken territories such as modern Germany, Italy and most of Japan with the exception of the Hokkaido island. Thus began the reign of a war mongering faction for supremacy.

Crysis snowy

Ideology Edit

The followers of this ideology never consume meat or any other product obtained from an animal, considering themselves as a superior race from animals or other people that ever consumed meat. They are atheists, but they firmly believe that they are destined to rule the world and that there is no room for other faction than themselves. Forever seeking to expand their Vegan Empire and exterminate entire local populations that are being considered inferior or are opposing the Vegan rule, ergo making the Veganarchism faction not very diverse. Due to their ideology filled with genocidal and xenophobic principles they have applied the most radical ideas for their society. Veganarchism does not have any traditions or rituals, their people do not even join in matrimony, but rather select DNA samples and use genetic manipulation technology to breed flawless and genetical superior warriors and even cloning technology to have enough manpower to constantly wage war with the objective of world conquest.

Diplomacy Edit

Since the Yokai Empire fell, the Vegans saw an opportunity to take control over the Yokaian territory which was located on nowadays Japan. The remnants of Yokai were invaded and hunted down through such brutality that there were no witnesses to tell these horrific stories. Fortunately, the Vegan advance reached a halt when the Ming Empire intervened, knowing that they would be next if the remnants of Yokai were fully defeated. The Ming Empire sent ship convoys filled with soldiers and supplies to help the remnants of Yokai to reorganize their armies. The Vegans tried to blockade the whole island, but their action was futile because most of their fleet is being attacked by the Canadians from Mountie Land.

The main force of the Veganarchism faction is located in central Europe in an attempt to conquer the Bacon Republic and other countries from Europe but not proving to be successful due to their lack of manpower.