Eidos Loimos

Short Description:

  • Race: Plague Demon
  • Faction: Servant of the AntiCrisp
  • Morale: No
  • Number: 1

Abilities and TacticsEdit

The plague-bringer Eidos Loimos Kakodaimon (evil spirit) has first been encountered by the ancient greeks for bringing pestilence in the town of Ephesus. This demon actually does not have a real shape, he posseses a dead body and remains in it even if it turns into a necrotic corpse so he may create diseases to spread through the surrounding populations. He is quite fragile and require for him to wear a thick armor to increase his resilience. He rarely relies on melee or ranged weapons for he does not usually need the methods used by mortals to kill his foes. 

Necrotic worms ability makes him to spit hundreds of worms to the foes from close range which slowly weaken the armor, increasing the damage of the plague demon by 20% every turn against the affected target.

Scourge ability he draws strength by killing the local population and controlling their corpses by using them as cannon fodder, they will act as a shield from ranged damage and each deal 10% of his basic damage. He can use up to 10 corpses per turn for this ability.

Cannibalize ability he heals himself by eating the controlled corpses during the scourge ability, up to 10 corpses per turn he may use for this ability.

Evil Roots ability he strengthens his positions by holding in one place having the effects of receiving 100% less damage(with the exception of the Inquisitor for he holds the Inquisitorial Badge).

Tongue Leech ability makes the plague demon to open his mouth from which his tongue long as a tentacle leeches to his victim and sucks life points and mana, about 10% of his life points per turn, however the leeching ability becomes active at the second turn once it has been applied.

The plague-bringer of Ephesus is horrified by the words of the Holy Book of Baconism which cancels one ability at a time. Exorcism is much more terrifying for him because the words are slowly crispening the plague demon and kills his spirit.