Vegan Colonial Squad Member

  • Race: Human
  • Faction: Veganarchism
  • Morale: Yes
  • Number:14+1 Vegan Captain

Abilities and TacticsEdit

The Vegan Colonial Squad is the first line of assault before a Vegan Invasion, they have the role similar with scouts, their leader may also act as a diplomat. 

The squad is formed from up to 15 members: 5 rangers, 5 enslavers and 4 bodyguards that protect the Vegan Captain through melee combat.

The Rangers are equipped with rifles, they each hold a frag grenade which has the ability to blind their foes, having the effect of not being able to do ranged damage for one turn.

The Enslavers attack in pairs and the enslaver with the role of reserve renders his opponent, the render effect is slowly lowering the life points of the target till the end of the battle. The Enslaver are equipped with a harpoon thrower at their right arm, a powerful magnet held by a chain having the ability to wrap as cuffs or claw to the target's arm, body or legs and deliver electric shocks which make the target unable to do melee combat. In order for the target to be freed he must either use ranged damage or get help from his companion to kill one of the two enslavers.

The bodyguards of the Vegan Captain have no ability and will attack only if the Vegan Captain has been attacked.

The Vegan Captain is the strongest unit from the squad and he uses melee combat, however, he may also use a pistol only for a special ability called „Execution”, one that he uses to shoot in the head one of his comrades giving the effect of restoring 25% of the squad moral and for one turn to double the damage of the entire squad.

Killing the Vegan Captain will lose 50% of the squad morale and 10% in addition for every turn the squad is fighting without the support of their captain.