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The Purificatorium, also known as the Venatores is a special division within the Bacon Inquisition with the sole purpose of defeating greater demons or lesser demons in larger concentration. The Venatores are known for their stoic and intractable manner, unflinching against even the mightiest of foes, they are paragons of stoicism, unwilling to take even a single step away from the enemy when battle is joined, their prowess honed across countless battlefields so that they can weather any attack.

Ideological Doctrine Edit

Their absolute devotion to the Bacon Inquisition leaves no room for anything but a cold and steely fanaticism, and they would advance willingly into the very maw of the Cursed Reality itself were they ordered to do so, these warriors are amongst the greatest in the Bacon Inquisition.

In battle, these indefatigable warriors blast apart their enemies with Gatling guns whilst advancing into melee assault range. The members of the Purificatorium division is known as Purifiers, they feature a mix of weaponry, for both long-ranged and close combat oriented roles.

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Purifier equipped with a gatling gun.

The constant regime of ritual, contemplation and self-denial undergone by the Purifier scours their souls clean of impurities. They are mentally and spiritually armoured against the temptations of the AntiCrisp, deaf to the lies and blandishments just as they are to pleas of innocence or cries for mercy.

Hierarchy and Organization Edit

The Purifiers are organised as a military squad of 6 Purificators that receive orders only from the Purificator Master they were assigned. Despite that both ranks are part of the hierarchy within the Bacon Inquisition, the Purifier Master receive orders from the High Priest of Pig Skin or from the Primarchs during the interregnum.


Gracchus wielding a Heavengarda Sword

They arrive as a strike team of 7 members, usually transported by a Bacon Crusader Tank or through teleportation, each equipped with a gatling gun or a flame thrower as ranged weapons, also a daemon hammer or the Heavengarda Sword, a special sword being able to deliver electric shocks while thrusting their enemies.

Every Purifier wears the Diving Aegis armor, class: Paladin, one of the thickest and most durable offered by the Bacon Inquisition, able to withstand the most vicious melee attacks from the demons they confront.

As an elite strike force, they are rarely seen in battles, but they arrive with swift justice when their brethren encounter powerful demons.