Origin Edit


The Amulet was created in Baconstadt, before the great city fell. It was created when a priest decided to create an artifact to control time and choose any point in time to go through. So, he created an amulet and blessed it. Also, he did some witchcraft to give the amulet its power. Soon, the amulet was formed, and Baconstadt, while horrified, did praise the priest and spared him from being killed.

Its terrible power and demise Edit

Unfortunately, the amulet held a terrible curse. Whoever wielded it would have great power, buy would want to rule all. Eventually, the city had factions, each warring with each other for control of the amulet. Luckily, Kaiser came up with a plan: Destroy the amulet, or at least hide it. So, Kaiser and his loyal followers got the amulet in the dead of night and stole it. They tried to destroy it, but was only able to place its powers in a dormant state. So, they hid it in a cave, where it were to be sealed for all eternity. Then, Kaiser helped heal the city by giving everyone bacon strips. If someone was diligent and smart enough, they could get the amulet and awaken its powers. Ever since the city fell due to arid land, the location of the amulet has been lost to everyone, except a select few.

Egypt Amullet