Rsz black raven squad
  • Race: Human
  • Faction: Veganarchism
  • Morale: Yes
  • Number:6

Abilities and Tactics Edit

The members of the Black Raven have been taught to attack in groups and are known to be quite effective as a squad against a single target, but not in a battle where they may get easily overwhelmed. Their black medium armor is not resilient but helps them improve their agility.

These units are mostly assigned as coastal patrol or as guardians for starvation camps prisoners so that their speed can be used to catch any fugitives or have their gliders break any riots.


The Vegan squad use ranged attacks from the two high caliber machine guns attached in front of the glider, quite effective for piercing armor, but they also rely on close combat by using their gliders to charge into the enemy and knock him down. They are also equipped with a single glave, similar with a spear but used for slashing or decapitating the enemy.

The Swarm Ability consists of the entire group charging with their gliders towards a single target, their melee attack double for being accompanied with their glaves during the charge. The target can not attack for the entire turn for being stunned, the ability has three turns cooldown.

Dark eldar hellions single hellglaive large

Drag Race ability, the members of the Black Raven Korp are well known for their preferences in racing among each other, but in battle they use their wrist harpoon having equipped a powerful magnet held by a chain with the possibility to wrap as cuffs or claw to the target's arm, body or legs, the target afterwards is being dragged and becomes unable to use melee attack. The ability remain active till the Vegan dragging the target is being killed.

Fighting without a squad leader will lose 10% of their morale after each turn.